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As a therapist serving Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and South Orange County, my approach is grounded in narrative and postmodern practices, incorporating the healing power of humor when possible.

I believe every human is in a continual process of becoming – and that through relationship with our own awareness we gain power over our challenges to then create the kind of life, relationships and way of being we want for ourselves. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am passionate about helping people to live more effective and fulfilled lives.

I work with clients in my office or online through a collaborative inquiry process to access their emotional intelligence, strengths and resources in support of realistic solutions and lasting change. For example, professional or academic advancement, improved intimate, family or social relationships, managed stress, stronger coping skills, navigating cultural, societal or religious pressures, making peace with past traumatic experiences, fears or insecurities and ending destructive habits and reoccurring patterns.

Lasting change and wellbeing come from both the therapeutic process as well as individual time spent practicing the concepts gained in session.


Couples Counseling and Relational Issues
Anxiety and Depression
Grief, Bereavement and Life Transitions
Spiritual Identity, Crisis and Emergence
Women’s Issues
Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

Why is seeking help for a mental health concern any different than help for a physical health concern?

I take a stand as a narrative therapy practitioner regarding pathology and the overuse of hasty diagnosis which have long term harmful effects on people when the mental health concern may be situational in nature and temporary in duration.

The world is full of poorly treated individuals who deserve better – they deserve clinicians who listen differently and attend consciously.

Problems grow in isolation and you are not alone.

Each side shares in the conflict and the resolution.

What are you missing out on because your talents, creativity, joy and life-force are held captive by suffering or maladaptive beliefs?

What are the effects on loved ones and other relationships?

Sometimes as humans we fall subject to the social discourses of culture, media, family and core beliefs that may have served us well at some point in our lives but are no longer healthy or helpful at this point in the journey.

Working with me means working together in respectful partnership to make the unconscious, conscious and to create space for possibilities that can be life-changing!

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