Psychotherapy and Counseling for
Individuals and Couples

I take a non-pathological approach to therapeutic practice – people are not their problems, their past, their family or their diagnosis.

Therapy with this underlying approach is different from traditional theories; I believe it to be the foundation for uncovering what has been hidden and what lies beyond in the realm of possibilities, lasting change and healing.

It can be a new way of remembering or de-constructing the past, a new relationship with yourself or another, recognizing and embracing your own sense of strength, resource and personal agency.

The following are the ways we can work together:

Individual Therapy & Counseling

During our time together, you can expect to be heard, listened to, and supported.

Problems grow in isolation and you are not alone.

Couples Therapy & Counseling

This is a process of seeing with new eyes and listening in new ways for a greater understanding of one’s responsibility and the needs of the other – where each side shares in the conflict and the resolution.

Sometimes challenges can be overcome by changing our lifestyles, reading books, taking classes, or through talking with friends, family members, or mentors.

Other times, repeating patterns exist, or issues, thoughts, feelings or behaviors start to become overwhelming and negatively affect life, relationships, and work.

In severe cases, anxiety, depression, and stress can put health and life at risk.

Therapy is often the fastest, most effective route to overcome some sort of life challenge.

I consider it an honor to work as a therapist and stand witness to the courage of clients through the process of becoming.

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